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I am a Registered Dietitian, full time mom, cook, housewife, exerciser and sole owner and employee at Healthy Plates, LLC.  My passion is helping others achieve good health through eating right and fitness.    I struggle with all of the obstacles that you do that get in the way of proper nutrition and exercising.  It can be difficult to always do what is right, especially to sift through the tons of nutrition information, misinformation, newest fad, diet or what have you.  I do not believe in diets or following the trendiest fads, however I find a lot of good recipes on some of the fad diet websites.  I like these recipes because they just darn look good, not because of the pseudo science behind them.

I am Registered with The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I am an insurance provider, meaning that your insurance just might pay for your visits to a credentialed nutrition professional like me.  I currently am enrolled with Medicare, Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Horizon NJ Health, Aetna, United Healthcare, Oxford and Cigna.

My degree is nutrition and dietetics with a bachelors degree in science from The University of Rhode Island.  I’ve completed the mandatory 1 year internship with ARAMARK in New York City, graduating in May of 1996.  I’ve passed the National Registration Exam and became a Registered Dietitian in 1996.  I have been practicing nutrtition for 20 years in many different areas of the field, starting out in hospital food service management, corporate food service management, moving on to long term care management then the clinical side of long term care, hospital clinical nutrition management, hospital dietitian providing inpatient nutritional care and outpatient nutritional counseling and currently a Renal Dietitian helping those who are on dialysis stay as healthy as they can.

My experience working in corporate food service and in hospitals has really been the most inspirational to me.  I believe that we are what we eat in the sense that we need to make mindful choices every day.  So many medical issues can be prevented if we can make a better choice.

When you make an appointment with me at Healthy Plates, advice is based on evidenced based practice.  Be prepared to exercise, try new foods, cook most meals at home and get yourself to a healthy weight.  I’ve seen too much in the hospital setting and always say to myself, “I wish I could have convinced him 10-20 years ago to choose a healthy lifestyle.”  I want to prevent negative outcomes.  I want my clients to kick it up a notch and take charge of their lives.  No hokey diets or gimmicks that are unrealisitic, just normal, healthy eating that will empower you to live the healthiest lifestyle possible.  A healthy lifestyle is key to good health, less medical attention and costs.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure


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